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Stretching question

Stretching question

I was just wondering.I have been trying to stay committed to the stretching exercises, but I get hard too easily during exercises. Even semi-hard, just from stretching! If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. And I know there is the urge to joke about this one but serious suggestions would help thanks.

The only advice I could give you is don’t think about sex. Stretching isn’t that difficult compared to wet jelqing.

I sometimes get hard while stretching and I’ve been doing it for 5 months. Do you sit down or stand up while stretching? I sit down when I masturbate and sometimes sitting down and touching my penis will get me hard. What I do is stand up, spread my legs apart like I’m a catcher in baseball just about to squat. Then, I close my eyes, and I concentrate on every single breath I take. I only concentrate on the sweet, sweet oxygen entering my mouth, going into my lungs, and the reverse process while leaving. I do my breathing very, very slowly. Concentrate very, very hard on every single slow, slow breath. This is my technique, hopefully someone else has good ideas.

Thanks for comments

Thanks alot for the replies keep them coming.yes and I know wet jelqing makes stretching look like a walk in the park lol

Distraction will help, starting with advanced stretches, after you have finished the newbie routine, will help too. If this really won’t help, consider masturbation pre PE.

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