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stretching pulling head

stretching pulling head

The best way I seem to be able to manually stretch is to squeeze the head(with a blanket as a cushion).Is this dangerous. I don’t hold the stretches very long,haven’t had any symptoms.Also noticed a pic of what I”m doing on the tom hubbard site http://penis-enlargement-manual.thu…bbard/hands.htm the pic where he is using palm and fingers so squeeze and pull head(no thoumb). I do 2 to 3 20 minutes sessions,with 10 min in between for rest.Can this cause any nerve damage ,seemed safer than grabbing it like a noose


Compressing the glans is not necessarily negative, you seem to have experimented and found what works. How much force can you create though?

The very delicate bit of the penis is the top side just before the glans (and the top of the penis in general), so if you are not compressing this too much its probably OK. Compressing the sides is generally considered to be better than compressing top to bottom.

I can’t say I’ve tried stretching with that grip. The over hand OK grip works so well, with the soft area between thumb and forefinger covering the bit of the penis heavy with nerves.

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I agree with this memento, thank you for the great post, I was always scared because of them important nerves, so Im glad someone agrees with the use of the overhand grip. I used to get sore and really red when I used the underhand grip.

Thanks again, Gow

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Thanks for the info

I sometimes pull at the very tip, only a gently pull probably no more than 2-3lb. Sort of like an ADS while watching TV. If pulling at the tip I feel I am stretching the entire length, whereas with a normal manual grip the top 1-2” get no stretch. I avoid the edge.

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