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Stretching properly and jelqing

Stretching properly and jelqing

Hello. I have been doing jelqing and stretches for five months now with little gains. I still feel like a newbie although by now I shouldn’t be.

I just realized I am perhaps stretching wrongly as I have been gripping just under the glands, not the shaft. The thing is if I grip the shaft there is no elastic stretch to the penis it just comes from the ligaments? With a pins and needles type of feeling. Is this how I should proceed before worrying about the Tunica?. Sorry I am new to all this but have read a lot of posts and I hope this makes some sense.

As for jelqing I always kegel whilst doing them with a light grip. Sometimes I get the plump feeling and others I just cannot seem to manage this without a little bit of force which would for sure break the egg! I only jelq till I am no longer getting a pump which is within the duration of ten to fifteen minutes. Is this okay?

I don’t wake up with morning wood often either so maybe this is playing a role.

Thank you!

Senior Trainers

Hi Everybody

I also have some doubts about if I am doig PE well or if I can improve my technique. Although there are lot of valuable information to read, when I am practicing my PE I am not sure if I am on the right tack.

My suggestion is (respectful) to create a Personal Trainning Club, exactly as the gym’s trainners. This could be a PE seniors experimented guys who are able to share his experiences and to train newbies here, by email, or by Skype or any other social media his experiences with newbies in one-one conversation. We can create a section called Seniors Training where newbies register and seniors contac them to being the one to one conversation. We can establish a weekly meetings, Q&A, advices, ect.

I think this could be a great way to work on our measurement goals.

Personally, I found difficult to read hundreds of members comments who say their opinions and advice to newbies who are confused and look for an answer. Sometimes answers are not related to the topic.

I knew in other languages section, members have had meetings and they had been share their experiences.

Your friend



I did jelqing alone for a month then added stretching to it. I didn’t gain much with jelqing alone maybe very few millimeters but not sure.

As soon as I added stretching to my routine I was so happy to see large flaccid hangs. I ran into small problem with this new routine as its tricky to know your limits. I’m a newbie but would like to say this:

1. Check thread of -ve and +ve indicators, gains not always come from heavy workouts but you need to find the good grip/duration levels which you decide from the feedback of your penis. In my case I could feel loss of hornyness after my stretching session, at 1st I thought its normal but I couldn’t get erection for 5days so I stopped there and now I do get good erection.

2. Always good to start low and see if you’re gaining, its hard to see the problem if you are on heavy routine. Add things accordingly and see if you face any -ve issues (any pain is definitely -ve) that’s where you need to cut back.

3. Safronzdaze, watch the grip while stretching, after my incident I believe normal and gentle stretches are safe bet. Also you grip just below the glans as you do for max stretch of your penis.

4. Before 42days of my jelqing my length was 13 cm NBPEL and now its around 13.4 cm but bone pressed length is around 15.5 cm which was 14.6 cm before.

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