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stretching problems

stretching problems


even though I am already here for a while, I just figured outthat I might stretch completly wrong. I had a look at the video yesterday and he graps his dick just behind the glans. When i pull back the foreskin and grap behind the glans and try to stretch, I don´t get a nice stretch at all and it hurts. I always grap the dick just close to the base and stretch downwards. That gives me the best grip. Have not really gained so far. Maybe thats the reason. Noone else having that kind of problem with stretching?

It’s a matter of choice, probably you can grab indifferently behind the glans or at the base, providing that you do not grab the extra skin: I have a great amount of skin between the balls and the shaft who hitches on, so I have to grab a little under the frenulum and coronal ridge on the shaft or about on midshaft not further.
Being uncut too (as you I presume), I prefer leaving the glans covered _without_ pulling back the foreskin: if I stay quite flaccid I don’t really feel an excessive tight grip on the glans.

Personally I have noticed that the ok grip or the reverse ok grip don’t work so much for me. For a upward stretching I’m using a sort of V grip (keeping the shaft between the middle finger and the ring-finger and pulling)

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Pulling from the base may work on the ligaments, but completely misses the structures in the shaft. I believe that manual stretches work both the ligs and the erectile tissues when done by grasping behind the glans. It should not hurt to grasp there. Use a “grip aid” such as toilet paper, a rubber glove or talcum powder to get a stronger grip. Grasp the head with your hand with the shaft coming out between your thumb and first finger. Squeeze your fist tightly around the head and use your triceps muscles to push your arm away from your body. One reason for pulling the foreskin back is to avoid skin stretching. By grasping the bare glans you are better able to put stress on the inner penile (shaft) structures, IMO.

You forgot to add “jelq in a little blood to get a ‘shoulder’ to pull on”!

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by westla90069
One reason for pulling the foreskin back is to avoid skin stretching. By grasping the bare glans you are better able to put stress on the inner penile (shaft) structures, IMO.

Ok, I understand the purpose, but sincerely in about three years and a half I haven’t seen any significant skin stretching or lengthening keeping the glans covered, while still now when grasping uncovered I can’t have a profitable routine and I feel an uncomfortable tighter grip (I don’t exclude it could be also a residual from previous kind of para-phymosis),

P.S. BTW it is my point of view or the so-called experience “on the road” for my own situation, i do not demand, by any means, to impose it to everybody here ;) :)


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Thanks a lot for the help!!

OK,, this is what I was going to post about,, but you have beat me to it..

I have only been stretching for a month or so, starting gradually, I am going to include Jelqing into my routine soon.

My main question was if it is safe to do stretches grasping the head with the foreskin pulled back, not really grasping the outside skin at all. I seem to have gained nicely already, then read on another site, NOT to grasp the head.?

If pulling on just the head I can feel ligs down the length of the penis being stretched, BUT when stretching from an inch behind the glands it feels like I’m stretching more of the skin than internal ligs, any help?

Will I do damage just grasping the head?

Hi XbuG, I see this is your 1st post, welcome!
Grasping and pulling the glans itself is really not advisable, because it is dangerous: AFAIK the glans is full of nervous receptors and is a sensitive area all around, it can be several side effects: I don’t think you have read such method on this site.
If the under glans stretching is done properly you easily will have effects on internal parts and not only skin, obviously not immediately. You have to put it in practice and you will find _the_ more comfortable method for you, we are not necessarily the same ;)

You can also read Mad Hatter’s Frenulum damage thread in this forum
Frenulum damage
and KOG’s Jelqing & stretching 101 thread on Members only/Article forum
Jelqing & Stretching 101
BTW There are several other posts on this topic. Spent some time reading valuable documentation and posts on here, it’s worth it.

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Thanks for the links

I have read a fair bit on this site, but must have breezed over the sentence:

* Always pull the skin back from the glans as much as possible, especially if uncircumcised. This will allow the penile tissue to be the main recipient of the stretch, rather than the skin around the penis.

Sometimes it pays to read things twice.


I am trying to figure out how to stretch as well. The stretching videos on this site show the guy gripping right behind the glans. I have read many posts on here that say to NOT grip behind the glans because there are nerves. I have read to grip 1 inch behind the glans and to pull back any extra skin. When I do this ( grip 1 inch behind glans ), right when I start to stretch my skin slides down and my grip is right under my glans again. Whether I grip 1 inch or 2 inches behind the glans, I always end up gripping right behind the glans because my skin slides down even though I pull the skin back. I am circumcised by the way, so I don’t have much skin to pull back.

I tried gripping at the base but all I feel is skin stretching. When I grip behind the glans and stretch it feels like a tough fibrous ligament but I am just afraid that if I continue pulling behind the glans I will end up hurting the nerves.

It seems there is no other way to stretch than behind the glans. Does anyone have any other stretching videos that demonstrate stretching without stretching behind the glans?

Thanks guys

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