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Stretching, problems being uncircumcised


I’m uncut and I don’t pull back my skin, the first 2-3 stretches I feel the skin uncomfortable that’s why I do an up stretch for 1 minute and a half at medium force, then down two times and I graduate increase the pulling force. Then I get used to it and I can stretch as hard as I can, sure my skin stretches also but pain free. It’s just impossible for me get a grip pulling back the skin, I can’t get a good grip to pull hard enough and my hand goes to closer the glans witch makes it uncomfortable.

I hope you will find a way that is good for u.

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Originally Posted by UpTo7
Ideally you should stretch 100% flaccid, but if you happen to get 10-20% erect, I think it should be okay. Stretching erect is dangerous.

Yeah I thought so, this is what I do. Thanks for the reply.

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John, are you using an inverted knuckle grip? It is strange your glans become blue and you feel too much pressure. Are you retracting foreskin?

Can anyone give directions about hanging? And when to start with it? I have made newbie routine now for almost 2 months

kungen you should keep doing the newbie routine until you stop gaining from it. It is too early for you to start hanging, you can hinder gains from more mild forms of PE.

You can try a couple of new streching techniques, but by all means, you should stick to what you are doing (manual exercises) for as long as it makes you gain.

It takes time and devotion.

OK thanks! What other techniques are there? Sorry for being newbie ;p

Originally Posted by kungen
OK thanks! What other techniques are there? Sorry for being newbie ;p

We were all newbies when we started out. :)

I suggest you give this a read: Important Newbie Threads/Info

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