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Stretching Problem

Stretching Problem

Hi, when I want to make stretches my penis gets erect, what can I do to avoid this?

With the time, your penis will learn the difference between stretching and masturbation, so your problem will subside. In the meanwhile, you could masturbate before your PE session; alternatively, try doing jelqs before stretching, it could work.

I never get an erection while stretching in the shower

I think when you are a beginner at doing PE, the problem of getting an erection is all
in your head (the one on your shoulders :) ). When handling your member, you are more
accustomed to doing so when you are either having sex or masturbating, so it is normal
for you to become “turned on” and getting an erection. I had the same problem, as I am
sure 99% of us did in the beginning, so you are not alone in this.

When I started PEing, after about a week I no longer associated doing PE (even pumping)
with sex or masturbating, and it then became just an exercise and nothing more. When I
do my PE exercises (including vacuum pumping), I normally do it while I watch TV, read
a magazine or listen to music (sometimes even while on the phone or sending emails), so
my attention is somewhere else than on my penis and what I am doing with it. At first,
when jelqing, I had a big problem in keeping my erection down to about a 50/60% level,
but after a while even that was no longer a problem.
It\’s just MIND over MATTER!

Btw, I was also told to masturbate before doing PE, but for some reason, that didn’t work
for me. :shrug:

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Try focusing on something that wouldn’t arouse you at all. Like your job or something dumb haha while your stretching.. Or listen to music that might help

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It happened to me before also. It took me probably 2 weeks to get accustomed to it. You’ll get used to it in no time. In the meantime, stop stretching when you get erect and just continue after it subsides.

Yes, Very common issue I’d say. Happened to me and still does on occasions.

I’d just say in time it won’t happen or happen as much.

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I found it impossible to stretch, my dick gets erect every time I try to stretch

Sometimes I find that a few things cause that. Often when my wrap is too hot, I will end up with an erection while stretching. And sometimes, my grip slightly slips when stretching, which ends up giving me an erections. If my hot wrap is perfect, and my grip doesn’t slip, I can stay flaccid for a good long time and stretch for 20 minutes.

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