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stretching problem

stretching problem

when i am stretching, i always seem to get a semi-erection or a full one. i have to wait to let this go down, then i can start over. i find it very very complicated to do it for 5 mins straight. can anyone help me out?

Some guys masturbate before a PE session to try and avoid what you are describing.

Your dick (and your brain) will, in time, learn the difference touching for PE and touching of a sexual nature.

Just focus, and think, that you are doing serious exercises, and you need a flacid penis, if you want to masturbate before, it’s your choice.

Later seyz

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

yeah thanks, i was thinking about doing that next time i do it

Heat it up real good before you start stretching..

Maybe its just me but I find PE far less effective if I masturbate ahead of time. Especially if you need to build up a partial erection for jelqing. If I’ve had sex ahead of time you can forget that portion of PE.

Try watching the evening news or something to keep from getting sexual thoughts.

try finding it slightly less erotic. your penis gets hard when you get into the erotic state of mind.

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