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Stretching - pausing and also slapping?

Stretching - pausing and also slapping?

When you are doing your stretching routine, are you supposed to pause before you switch directions? Also are you supposed to like slap your unit after every directional stretch?


No. Why would you do that?

westla, when I manual stretch for 30-60 seconds in one direction, I stop for a couple of seconds and switch hands/renew grip and stretch in a different direction. Are you not supposed to stop the stretching?

ICANdothis, I believe westla is referring to the slapping. Just a guess.

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I think he means like slap it against your leg in between sets to get blood flow back into the penis. I shake it about after each stretch myself.


I’m referring to getting the blood flow going.

Usually by the end of my stretch my dick is like 80% erect due to me kegeling all throughout so in between directions I rest for like.20 seconds until hard turns to soft.

or is the stretching just supposed to be continuous?

My first “no” was about stopping. I don’t see why it’s necessary unless your hand is tired or you’re waiting for a semi-erection to subside. I won’t make any difference if you stop or not.

My second “no” was about the slapping. Manual stretching shouldn’t cause any blood to leave the penis (it’s supposed to be done flaccid) so I don’t see the need to do that. Besides, the blood flow into the penis is deep within the pelvis. Stimulating the shaft won’t cause blood to flow any faster and may stimulate an erection, which you probably don’t want to happen.

Thank you Westla


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