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Stretching or jelqing

Stretching or jelqing


I just wanted to ask you which one of these techniques (stretching / jelqing) is more efficient?

I mean, should I stretch more, or should I jelq more? Or both? Which is the most effective one for fast gains?
I’ve been playing for 2 weeks and barely seen a result .. Somewhere around 0.5 cm bpel more.

Jelqing is for erect length. Stretching is for flaccid length. Stretch first to warm up for jelqing.

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I say jelqing is more efficient.

Well it depends on what you want. I say jelqing becasue it is more versatile. It can be used for length or girth or both. Whereas stretching is for length especially flaccid length.

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0.5 cm in 2 weeks is a good gain. PE takes time, dedication, and focus.

Stick with the newbie routine for a few months, read the forums, and develop a routine that suits you best. That being said, I’d focus more on jelqing and less on stretching (but still do both).

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