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Stretching or jelqing

Stretching or jelqing

I made a post about stealth pe earlier, and now I realize that I’m probably gonna have to make some sacrifices with my routine. I’ve been doing the newbie routine 2 on 1 off(although I did take more rest days sometimes). So I’ve decided to take less time warming up and warming down(cut it down to 2.5 minutes each), and now I’m wondering which exercise to take off. I was thinking of taking out jelqing since stretching is a lot easier to do, but I’ve read that jelqing should be the primary player in pe. I also have a low LOT if that matters, but I’m kind of not sold on that theory either. So in the end should I take off jelqing or should I take off stretching?

Oh one more question: when doing the stretches is it okay to have a slight erection-10-20%? I can’t seem to get myself completely flaccid for the stretches. Thanks Thunders!

If you have been managing the Newbie Routine so far, keep it up. Stretching and jelqing are synergistic; doing one without the other will considerably reduce your gains. If you can’t do them together, do them separately on the same day. A slight erection will not affect stretching much, but over 20% probably will.

PE is like learning a language or an instrument, or trying to build your body in the gym. A few minutes here and there isn’t going to take you very far.

Don’t take out jelqing !! Jelqing is the most important PE exercise in my opinion.

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Don’t change anything if it is working. Both exercises go hand in hand. A slight erection in the stretches is ok.

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I don’t want to start a new thread, so I’ll ask here:

I am currently on a jelqing and stretching routine.
I will be kind of busy next week so I won’t be able to do both.
I want more length, but gains in any direction are welcome.
I’ve noticed that if I stop stretching for a week I don’t lose length (I haven’t gained much length), but If I stop jelqing I lose some girth.

I need some advice from the experienced PEers: Which exercise do you think I should take a break from?
I’ll only have the time for one of them for about a week.

Stick with the jelqing and emphasise the stretch at the end of the stroke.

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