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Stretching only pulls my skin

Stretching only pulls my skin

I’m having trouble with the simple stretching part of the newbie routine. If I apply a 2-3 finger grip, I can only pull my skin. The only way to do actual stretching is do an OK grip right before the glans and then pull the glans, but then it feels like I would rip off the head before being able to apply enough force to do actual stretching. Is this what everyone does? Am I too flaccid? Should I go with v-stretches instead?

Make a ‘V’ (like for ‘Victory’) with your fingers; rotate the hand so the fingers are pointing to the ground (when you grip with left hand it should rotate clock wise, right hand should rotate anti-clock wise); place the glans in the middle of your fingers then close the palm over. Use toilet paper to help your grip, skin should be retracted so the glans is not covered.

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