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stretching only for length

stretching only for length

I have a question. I am one of those guys that it is easy to get width. But length is harder my length and width are pretty close at 5.8 inches for both. I had been
using a gold stretcher and gained an inch in bpel. But I quit for a year. So am starting back and was talking to memento on his gains from stretching and jelqing.
He said he needs to do both to get gains. But when I jelq I get only width and no length. So I wanted to see if anyone else has this problem.



Jelqing won’t hurt and should help you with the quality of your erections, jelq at lower erection level if you don’t want girth.

Do you jelq before or after stretching?

I don’t think he jelqs at all, marinera.


I’ve always thought of jelqing as a tenderising process: something that disrupts the material in the penis and in that way it can aid gains from stretches. If all you do is stretch, the penis has to do little to adapt, which might mean you get some initial gains that slow down quickly. If you add the jelqing maybe you are breaking things up enough to gain more from your stretching.

I’m not sure order is terribly important, as the effects of jelqing should last into the next day and to some extent build up towards your rest days (or stretching only days).

I should point out that this is opinion based on understanding what jelqing is doing to the penis, mechanically, but to some extent not knowing how much of an effect it has on the underlying material. It’s certainly possible that the way I’m describing it is erroneous but there is enough testament to a combined jelq and stretch routine to believe that irrespective of how it works, it does work.

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