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Stretching on rest days

Stretching on rest days

I just want to know if rest days are mainly for recovery from such exercises as jelq? And that stretching on these days has no negative effects?

Rest days mean no PE whatsoever.

But you could use a light ADS though, to heal in an elongated state.

Yeah, rest means NO PE. Your penis heals and GROWS on the rest days.

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Yes, rest days= no PE. An occasional tug is always good though.

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Rest does mean no PE…however, you might not need total rest. Moderate stretching can be a PARTIAL rest technique. It all boils down to your response.

If you find that partial rest results in decreased gains and Erectile Quality (EQ)…then you have your answer. If it actually results in improved gains and EQ… again, there is the answer, for YOU.

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