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Stretching & Kegal Question

Stretching & Kegal Question

Hey all, this seems a kool informative site.

I am currently going to follow the newbie workout but I had a question about a basic strech. DO I grab behind the glands only & not around my foreskin? I tried the manoever & realised I may need to use two hands to stretch, this wont put too much pressure on a newbie will it?

As for the kegal side of things, I will do these seperately at the end of my warm rap like the workout says. Should I do 50 straight 5 second flexes or can I break them down because I feel my semi errect penis weakens & I cant maintain my semi.


Welcome to Thunder’s Place Hughgreck. You don’t need to be erect, semi or otherwise, to do Kegels. They don’t even have to be done with the rest of your PE workout. Many guys do them on the drive or train ride to work, or just before they go to sleep, or while watching television.

The grip for manual stretches is easier if you can pull your foreskin back. Using a piece of paper towel, latex, a rubber glove, or other material will help you get a strong grip on the shaft.

Good luck.

I find hard to do this, pull back my foreskin then stretch behind the glands even with grip. Thanks for the feedback but also, is my workout supposed 2 be all at the same time, im kool with doin that but just wanted to check.

also what rest time should I be doing between each stretch?

Most guys find they have time for only one session each day. So doing exercises (we’re assuming you’re doing the Newbie Routine, all in the same session is what they do.

If you’re taking rest days (some do, some don’t - those that do may take two days after five of exercise or one on one off) you can still do Kegels on your off day.

If your foreskin doesn’t retract, you can grip over it, but you might find that things tend to slip and that makes getting the good grip difficult. Try squeezing harder so you pull on the entire penis and not just the skin.

Also, please take a look at the Forum Guidelines. Thanks!

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