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stretching/jelqing frequency?

stretching/jelqing frequency?

Im trying to approach this in a logical manner. Ive learned through bodybuilding a person can waste a great deal of time and effort by overtraining. Im brand new to this, but it seems to me that the frequency that you stretch could be on a daily basis as this is essentially the stretching of ligaments and frequent stretching would be a positive. however jelqing, as i understand it, is the breaking down of tissue and the gains come from cell regeneration/overcompensation just as in building muscle from weight lifting, even if we arent working muscle, the same mechanism applies.
Having said that, would it not be advantagous in the LONG RUN , to space out jelqing to every other day? Wouldnt the lack of progress for a newbie after the first month or so be attributed to overtraing and the bodies reaction to undue stress( see Dr. Seyles General adaptation syndrome). It seems to me we should looking for a frequency that allows for optimal gains over a years time verses maximal gains in the short term (weeks-months).

Any thoughts from experienced pe’s are welcome.

While you make valid points, the penis will regenerate some overnight. Therefore, jelqing daily will not have an adverse effect. Most of the guys here, not all, will recommend on/off cycles for any of the exercises. This way you do allow for that renewal process to occur. If you want to do every other day as your routine, that’s fine, your routine is just that, yours. What will work best for you may not be what works for someone else.

And trust me (even if I am a her) gains do not occur overnight, or in weeks or maybe even months. If you try to get major gains quickly, injuries occur and that is something that should be avoided at all cost. Most of our members here will agree with you, except that most newbies do see some quick gains, then it becomes a tad harder. Remember, you are conditioning your penis to the exercises.

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Ive done some more thinking and research after reading your post. While I am a huge believer in cycling,generally in the form of a weeks break from whatever activity- weights, diets,etc… . I think I was wrong about the every other day frequency. Perhaps 5 on, 2 off with occasional week off would be worth a try. My reasoning is this ( and please correct me if im wrong) I believe the actual function of the jelq is stretch tissue into accomodating a larger amount of blood being forced into it. as the tissue stretches it would become thinner,the body would,only then, regenerate tissue in order to keep adequate thickness in the wall lining. So the regenation of tissue is a side effect as opposed to the primary source of size gain.

Therefore, jelqing daily might be ok initially, with the occasional day or two off to allow for tissue regeneration to be complete.

Your thoughts are appreciated

A few points.

I believe the aim of jelqing is to create micro tears which then repair and create greater capacity for blood flow. These do require time to repair, but if you are into body building like me you will know the rate of that repair will be heavily dependant upon diet and health in general and other factors. This of course varies person to person, so no one set answer is possible. In any event, the majority of gains as regards length won’t come from jelqing, rather stretching of the ligaments.

On stretching, you make a good point over daily stretching and it is a debate I had recently. Continual traction of the ligaments to create fatigue on a daily basis appears a logical step. However, continual exposure to fatigue say 7 days a week, while optimal, will also risk the line between fatigue and failure being crossed much more easily.

So you mentioned “wasting time” etc. Yes you can optimise your routine, however, why take the risk of injury? Because ultimately injury will either set you back further than a slower routine or risk you doing permanent damage to your penis.

You mention weights, very few people in that area train to the optimum, so why do you think that possible in PE? Also, remember, while I equate the two discplines as having some similar qualities, the penis is not a muscle.

I view PE as AT LEAST a 12 month program, in which case, there is plenty of time and no need to push the risk of liagment failure etc.

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I usually do some simple manual stretches. Pulling the penis downward for a few secs (5 secs), and then to the right (with my right hand for 5 secs), then move around. Then I change hands and do the same with my left hand. I do this twice with my right hand and twice with my left.

That’s it for stretching. Then I head on to jelqing.

I’ve been doing 2 on, 1 off. Sometimes, I do 3 on, 1 off. Sometimes, I do twice a day. It all depends on my schedules, and how tired I am.
However, after 1 month, I still don’t see much gains..

Actually, after jelqing, my penis hangs heavy for only a few minutes, and then it’s back to “normal”..

Please advise.

Just a couple of comments on my experiences over the past month in regards to the comments above. After a month of serious stretching and jelqing I’ve come to realize the benefits of technique, patience and also rest.

I began with manual ‘straight out stretching’ and quickly migrated to v-stretches (30 sec stretch, 15 sec rest). I complete 20 v-stretches to start my routine and I’ve noticed my ligaments are stretching farther with much less pain then before.

For jelqing, I’ve experimented with different grips and pressures and I now consistently use a quick strong grip at the base to trap a lot of blood. I pull forward (slowly) and I’m seeing the skin swell as blood moves ahead of my hand. I do maintain a light grip just above the glans with my other hand and this seems to work well for me. My routine is 7 sets of 30 jelq’s. I moved to sets as it gives me a chance to kegel in new blood and renew my erection (about 50%). I can see results after the first set of 30, I’m heavier and thicker with many more veins visible. I do lose much of the ‘pump’ later on, but not all of it.

I can only work out during the week, so I work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and rest on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I also need the rest because my shaft is definitely a little sore from the jelqing. I also have an issue with hair on the shaft and by shaving my shaft, I’m contributing to the soreness. This past week I’ve awakened thicker and during my rest days I’m seeing a heavier more solid penis, with more veins than I ever had before. I continue to read and evaluate any jelqing or stretching techniques I can find on the board to compare them to my routine.

I would say, keep reading, experimenting and be patient. Any time I’ve felt like I was overdoing it, I’ve stopped. And the mind pressure to keep going is strong, but we can’t buy a new penis on the internet yet, so it’s best to be careful. And lastly, I’m not a young guy, and after one month, when I look down I see a different penis than before, which make me feel very confident that I can achieve good results. Keep it going.


I have been thinking about this as well.I believe rest to be extremely important.Two days ago I stretched for quite a long time(2 1/2 min/position) and found out huge difficulty of gaining an erection and also a decrease in morning wood. I believed this to be due to ligament and also PC muscle fatigue(I overworked them). So I decided to cut back on the stretches/jelqing maybe 4 times a week.I believe the jelqing provides enough stretching by themselves.

To Ruz_
My view on P.E is much more like a lifetime,once I achieve my desired length I will P.E for 10 min like twice a week.I think it might play a role from keeping at bay E.D.

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Originally Posted by WorktoWin
I also need the rest because my shaft is definitely a little sore from the jelqing. I also have an issue with hair on the shaft and by shaving my shaft, I’m contributing to the soreness.

I had the same problem, I tried shaving and I hated it. A trimmer is IMO much better, it’s faster and will not irritate the skin of the shaft (or anywhere else for that matter).

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