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stretching - I don't get it!

stretching - I don't get it!

I asked a lot of questions, I saw this guy in the video… he pulls back the skin of his penis, grabs on his shaft, and simply pulls down.

Me pulls back the skin, grab on my shaft, I really press the shaft with my fingers!! OK what happens next is that my firm grip with my fingers on the skin just slips over my glans, with the skin. I am now hardcore stretching the skin of my base… I don’t expect any gains from that, but what should I do?

The only way I could grip to stretch ligaments and shaft (I even felt the lig stretch!) is taking forefinger and thumb and grip right behind my glans, trapping all the foreskin between the base of thumb and forefinger. OK cool, but now I am on the base of my glans! This is rather discomfortable.

Please help me, maybe put up a video showing a guy with a BLOOD penis do this strech, I’m losing my faith in that !”$%*

Starting Size (16.5.2004) ~5,6'' (14.5 cm) BPEL, ~ 5'' EG (12-13 cm)

I do my stretches by pulling the skin back and then wrapping a piece of cloth (handkerchief) and then pull, this seems to grip the unit better and i can feel the stretch this way.

Self-adhesive sports wrap works well for me. Also doubles as an all day wrap.

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

What’s that, BigKnob? Got a picture (I am not native english)

Starting Size (16.5.2004) ~5,6'' (14.5 cm) BPEL, ~ 5'' EG (12-13 cm)

Hi Iam.

Check out this link hang3.jpg

He is wrapping with a self adhesive ace bandage/sports wrap.


I bet if I did this, too, and grab on the bandage, I would slip over my glans with the bandage (AND the skin that I bandaged). Got my problem?

Starting Size (16.5.2004) ~5,6'' (14.5 cm) BPEL, ~ 5'' EG (12-13 cm)


Firstly make sure your penis is clean and dry.

You need to make sure you can grip effectively by maximising the friction between the hand and the penis.

There are several methods people use effectively:

  • A strip of cloth, maybe from a T-shirt, wrapped around the penis
  • Talcum/baby powder applied to the hand and penis
  • A latex surgical glove on the hand
  • Tissue Paper wrapped around the penis

Grip behind the glans about 1.5 cm, add pressure mostly on the sides, and let the grip come forward to rest behind the glans. You shouldn’t use the pressure of blood in the glans to hold the grip. Easing slowly into a stretch can help.

Any better?

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