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Stretching holding the foreskin

Stretching holding the foreskin

Iv been stretching holding below the glans but is it safe to stretch holding the foreskin to.I don’t mean just pulling foreskin ,I mean holding the foreskin against the the glans?Doesn’t feel safe to me but I can get a better grip.

I personally receive better results from stretching in the way you have described. I can retain the stretch for a much longer time without the gland slipping out of my grasp. I can’t see why this method can cause damage but I am always ready to take advice.

I don’t see how this would be bad - I have problems if I don’t use the skin as a “stopper”. But I think Westla’s advise is the best: jelq in a little blood in the CCs, push to the front so that you get a little “balloon” in the front - stretch using this as a “stopper”.

regards, mgus

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August! Im uncut and i stretch with the foresking covering my glan. There is no problem


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Originally Posted by godofdeviltry
August! Im uncut and i stretch with the foresking covering my glan. There is no problem


Me too.

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