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Stretching help

Stretching help

Hi guys,

I’ve recently started PEing and have been attempting to work on length gains for the moment.

I have been stretching for 20-30minutes a day for but have been noticing that straight after stretching my penis ‘turtles’ back.

Any ideas on if this a negative PI? Or is this normal for some PEers.


If you want a serious responce you had better include a description of your ENTIRE workout, days on and off, and any other relevant information.

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To tell the truth I have not got into a proper routine yet.

I have attempted jelqing, in the past (only for a few weeks) and restarted PE 2 weeks ago.

My current routine consists of:

5-10minutes of very gentle stretching (warm up)

Followed by

10-20minutes of normal stretching.

Currently I do not have a set routine as per days on/off, however I have been PEing 4-5 days per week

I too experience some negative PI after a long stretching session. Not sure if it affects the result negatively in the long run though.

Turtling is a normal consequence of a too much force when stretching. You can raise time, but you should raise tension only gradually. Time is the key factor, not force.

You also definitely should add jelqs, IMO.

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You might try to use heat to warm up with, instead of gentle stretching.

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I agree, warm ups are a must. I do notice more turtleing after I stretched too often too much and I’m slowing it down a bit. Make sure you give your penis plenty of time to heal if you feel like you over did it.

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Thanks for the speedy response guys.

I don’t think I need time to heal as I have no discolouration, discomfort and I have not really been using excessive tension but will keep this in mind during my next few workouts especially.

I have not been using jelqs in my routine due to wanting to work on length before I try to gain girth. Will gaining girth by adding jelqing to my routine make it harder to gain length in the future? If not I will add jelqing from my next session!

I will also add a warm up to my next session, which warm-ups can I use within my room? i.e.- not using microwave/ hot water/ hot water and towel etc. As I am currently doing stealth PE.

Yes, throw in some warm-up and jelqs and you’ll have a proper newbie-routine.

Low erection level jelqing can work length and you can buy a heating pad to warm up. Do a search for other methods.

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