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Stretching Grip

Stretching Grip

I recently realized that I might have been gripping my penis wrong when stretching. The tutorial says I should grip 1 inch from the head, but, in the flaccid state I worry that this is to close to the middle of my penis. So to counter it, I’ve begun gripping a little bit below my head (probably .5 inches).

Any suggestions/advice?

You know when I started out my flaccid was so short less than 2” that I really did not have room for my fingers on it. A half inch below is OK. Thing to watch for is that you don’t want the glans to get cold.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I grab right below my glans and I have had no problems at all. It really comes down to what feels right and what works for you.
Until they begin teaching PE in University, the techniques call for a little innovation and self guidance :)

But of course, you shouldn’t stray too far from what the guidelines say until you have some more experience.

I think the important thing is just to not be gripping the glands. That could cause some spotting.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I might have been gripping my glands as I have some light discoloration/spotting.

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