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stretching grip

stretching grip

Some days ago I restarted my newbie routine, but I give up after three days of PE, because I noticed that my upper shaft and the head (only the skin covering the glans. I’m not circumcised) have a color tending to brown. It wasn’t so evident, I could notice it only when flaccid but I decided to stop. Fortunately after some days it fades away. I think It depends on my stretching grip, and for this reason I want to use something to make the grip easy and not create skin soreness. Did anyone of you have my experience. What do you suggest?


That happends to me all the time and I still haven’t found the solution for it but I stretch anyway

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Check this out for a grip idea. It sounds like you may be particularly prone to dicolouration. After your stretching session, massage the area that has discoloured (you can do this a few times during a session too) between your thumb and first 2 fingers. You can also use a hotwrap on the area for a few minutes before you do the massage, I don’t recommend heat after a session but you should be OK if you only wrap the head and not the shaft/ligs.

Good Luck

Hi there Simneil and mr huge_ :)

Well, I’m also uncut and I have no problem while stretching. Do you stretch with the foreskin covering the glans?? you should try stretching it with the skin off the glans work better. Let me know the result:) . Seeya.

I always thought the discolouration was due to bleeding in the shaft due to rupturing?


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I don’t have a problem with the discoloration, but I do have a problem with my arms getting tired when stretching straight out. So I was trying new techniques and figured out a way to stretch straight out with out using the muscles of the upper arm at all. MY hands are pretty big so I use them as a sort of leverage, not “A” streches or “V” stretches, but straight out.

Here’s what I do, I grip the base of the penis with an overhand OK grip, ( using the left hand) with the thumb and forefinger against my fat pad. Next I reach over this with my right hand and grip the penis just behind the glans, (underhand grip, with the palm of both hands facing each other).

Now all I have to do to stretch, is start to close my hands into a fist, this motion causes the two OK grips to get further apart, and I don’t have to use my upper arms to pull with. I can hold this grip for much longer and it seems to be a much more intense pull for me, however I may have to figure out something else when I gain another inch or so, my hands aren’t wide enough for a much bigger dick.

I just thought I’d throw this in if there is anyone interested in trying it.


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Thanks for your replies guys.

For occa:

‘Do you stretch with the foreskin covering the glans??’

I stretch with foreskin off the glans but I find quite difficult to keep the stretch for long. For this reason I think I have to use something that helps the grip strength. I’ve used this for about a year (for sports is why I started using it). It helps tremendously with arm strength and grip strength. After a month of using this you should be able to use an overhand grip and stretch up for a minute at a time without any problems.

I try to focus most of my grip strength on the sides and that seems to make it where I can get a good, strong grip without it hurting.

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I had a problem with my arm getting tired even though I workout. I guess its just holding the tension for so long. But I saw some things on the web about stretching in traction and thought I would give that a try. So I went to the sex store and bought some bondage tape. It’s tape that only sticks to itself and won’t stick to skin. (Thank god) It’s about 2 inches wide. I wrap 8-12” around my glans and shaft covering about the last 3” of my dick. Then I take some more tape and tape the rubber tubing I have from an old slingshot to the original taping. Then I can sit in a chair and stick the leather slingshot rock holder part under a leg of an office chair. Then I use the lever that controls the height of the chair to make appropriate tension. Every thing I have read says there should be 6 lbs. tension and testing the rubber tubes I came up with about 6-7 lbs. tension. I started this about 2 weeks ago but I don’t have much feed back as yet.

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