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Stretching Foreskin

Stretching Foreskin


I haven’t started a PE routine yet but am about to do so.
I am 6.5” erect length and 5” girth and would like to achieve 7” erect length and at least 5.5” girth, ideally 6”.
My main focus is girth and from what I have read this is the hardest to achieve.

I have a question about whether any of you have exercises to stretch the foreskin.
My foreskin is quite tight when I have an erection so if I am to try to
Increase my girth and length then I will obviously need to stretch my foreskin.

The obvious side effect from having a rather tight foreskin I’ve noticed when trying the jelqing exercise is that
I get an erection rather quickly.

Any suggestions?

This thread may be of some help:

Tight Foreskin & Stretching

Getting erections easily is not unusual for guys new to PE. It will become less of a problem as you get used to your routine.

Thank you westla90069 for your response that is what I was looking for.

I am fortunate in that I am not too tight but I think I will need to do some more stretching
Before I get into PE seriously as I have sensitive foreskin and a tight frenlum (GRRR).
I am in awe at some of the results people have achieved.
I will slowly start off with the newbie program and focus on jelqing for girth at this stage whilst I stretch me ol skin.

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