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Stretching for Newbies

Stretching for Newbies

Hey all.

In luvdadus newbie rountine is says that i should stretch for 5 minutes with 10 30 second stretches. I dont understand how this is meant to be done, which direction am I supposed to stretch? am i supposed to hold the stretch for 30 seconds?

I am also uncircumcised. When i try to stretch it just feels as though I am pulling the skin and not the actual penis. Whats the deal with this?

I think you are meant to do something along the lines of the following:

Grab penis just behind head and pull (be careful, listen to your body) in the four directions, up, down, left and right, for 30 seconds each.

As to your other question, once you´ve been stretching for a while, the stretch will move from the skin to the ligs / tunica which ever you choose to focus on.

I´d go for each direction equally on the stretch for a month or so, and check out BIB´s LOT theory too.

Pumping_Iron, you may have read this already somewhere else, but in order to stretch uncut, you should pull the foreskin back, and then grip behind the head and pull. You might try a few different grips. One that I find works well for me is as follows:

1. With your left hand, pull back your foreskin
2. Turn your right hand so your palm is facing down, and your knuckles are facing your belly.
3. Grip your penis between your index and middle fingers, with the first parts of the fingers, before the first knuckle.
4. Let go with your left hand, and pull outwards.

You might want to squeeze the head with your other fingers before gripping, to reduce blood pressure in the head.

I find that this grip lets me get a good pull, without very much slipping. Make sure you are holding tight enough to be pulling the internal structures, and not just the skin.

Any other comments or advice from other more experienced PEers?

dont understand how this is meant to be done, which direction am I supposed to stretch? am i supposed to hold the stretch for 30 seconds?>>

Some people stretch in all 5 directions. Up, down, left, right, straight out.
for five minutes that would be going the directions twice. Yes hold each stretch for 30 seconds. I use a stop watch. In the description of the routine I left out direction because personally I just stretch straight out, your choice. Over time you should increase your total stretch time.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Good grip

Sevenisheaven’s description is also how I do it. I pull in all five directions and just count the seconds in my head. I do the routine twice. I always warm up before pulling, which I think is very important. I use talcum (baby) powder to get a good grip. As you pull you can feel the ligaments being strained at their attachment to the bone. You should pull hard enough to feel this at the bone.

Some guys will hear a noise (“lig pop”) when doing these stretches. Most say it doesn’t hurt and in other discussions here some have decided that is isn’t a bad thing (sort of like popping or cracking your knuckles). Some, like me, have never had a lig pop.

is it better to be circumcised or not i’ve really be wondering this

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