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Stretching for girth?

Stretching for girth?

I’ve been doing PE for about three years now. By no means am I a newbie, but I have struggled with girth all the time. I have gained ZERO girth. I’ve been an avid jelquer, had spouts of religious clamping, experimented with edging. Nada.

It occurred to me the other day that I’ve always kind of glossed over the stretching though. My length is pretty decent and those gains came pretty easy early on. So I always put stretching off. Does anyone think that manual stretches aid in gaining girth? I’ve never really heard anyone pose that idea before.

I think they do:

Girth theory: glans and corpus cavernosum.

The revelation comes in the last few pages ;) .

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Stretching is good overall and I think it contributes to girth as well. man-of-10’s link is very interesting and I had not seen it before. I’m working on a little more girth with a little more length (new goal 7.5 BPEL x 5.5 MSEG) and once again following a lower level newbie routine. stretching forms the base of my workout.

My journey .... My pics

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Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

Thanks for the link. I’ll have to check this out.

That thread is a little intense. A lot of it was over my head, but I did learn something that may explain my lack of girth gains.

If this thread is right, it sounds like most girth gains may generally come from the corpus spongiosum. I’d heard this before, but because of a poor description of the CS, I was not aware of what the CS really is. See this diagram if you’re not sure.


This actually makes a lot of sense. I’ve always steered clear or this area because I thought the urethra was in there (it is) and wouldn’t it be terrible to damage that? I suppose the answer is, a little caution and finesse.

It would also seem that exercising for length intermittently may help exercising for girth, and vice versa.

If I missed something, please fill me in. I just figured I’d try to do a little paraphrasing for those interested in this thread because that thread is heavy. And it would also give anyone the opportunity to correct my understanding of it if I missed something big.

Great link. Thanks, man-of-10!

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