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Stretching Fluctuation

Stretching Fluctuation

Just wondering if this happens to anyone else. There are certain times when I can get a huge stretch and sometimes a very bad stretch where it doesn’t want to stretch at all. Do you know what causes this?

We all have good and bad PE days. I sure wish there were a way to avoid the not so good days.

The only suggestion I have if you are not doing it already is at least a 5 minute warm up before you stretch.

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I think Harry’s right. I seem to be a little longer if I warm up with a rice sock and do a few manual stretches before I measure.

Live long and prosper.

That is whats funny. Sometimes with no warm up I will do a random stretch and I get a very good stretch. Other times even with a 7 to 8 minute warm up, I can’t get a good stretch.

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