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Stretching directions

Stretching directions

I’m mainly out for length (4,8-5,0 NBPEL) And before I just made the stretches in downward direction in a 3 months PE period, gained about 0,1-0,2 inches length.
Now I’m going to start a new PE session and I wonder if it’s a good idea to stretch down-up-left-right instead of just down?

And should it as in the newbie routine be a TOTAL of 10 stretches in the beginning or 10 in each direction? (I really think it’s 10 total, but I ask anyway)

There is a stretching exercise they used to call the “helicopter.” You pull straight out, then pull in all directions around an imaginary clock. 10 in each direction should be good; UNLESS you find that that tires or stresses you.



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