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Stretching Concerns

Stretching Concerns

Hi everyone, I’m new here and loving the website. It has some great information on it.

Already I have a question though. I’ve read about stretching and Bib’s LOT Theory, pretty interesting stuff. I sit at about 11 when I lose tug-back, does that mean I could gain a lot?

Also, I’m not an expert on the anatomy of the penis, but if I were to stretch the ligs related to the LOT Theory, wouldn’t that change the angle my penis hangs at, since the ligs are what hold it there? I’m pretty happy with the angle it’s at just now, and don’t want it to change drastically from stretching.

Apologies if this is one of those questions that gets asked a lot.

The LOT theory suggests that you might gain a LOT from ligament stretching with a LOT of 11. The LOT theory is not really a theory though, more of a postulation, and many people disagree with it.

It seems that even stretching BTC doesn’t really effect erection angle but if you are super worried (as I was) stretch or up and over something. Search on erection angle for more posts.

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