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Stretching: Before Or After

Stretching: Before Or After

I recently read an older post on which you should do first, stretching or jelqing. Both ways were debated, with both having good and bad arguments. I just started a new routine which incorporates both at the same time. My routine is as follows:

5 min towel wrap
10- 5 sec. Stretches in all 4 directions
50 dry jelqs
10- 5 sec. Stretches in all 4 directions
50 dry jelqs
10- 5 sec. Stretches in all 4 directions
50 dry jelqs
5 min. Towel wrap

My question is, by doing this am I working the stretching and jelqing against each other?

I forgot to mention I do this once in the morning and once at night.

What I have seen more often times than not (including myself) that most will stretch first and then jelq. But, there are some that will hold true to stretching after they jelq. I can say that I have done both but typically I would jelq first only when my erection would not subside so I figured “what the hell. I aint got time to sit here and wait for it.”

I do stretch then Jelq because I get a better stretch when my dick is at zero erection. After my Jelq’s my dick is full of blood and I don’t feel like I get as good of a stretch. Also it is all slippery from the lotion.

The other reason is that I like to stay at maximum expansion for as long as I can after my routine.

There is a thread going on in the newbie forum right now addressing the same question.


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If you can manage to zero out your hard-on that often then more power to you— it’s a pretty comprehensive approach

If you care then I suggest you read through this thread for one guy’s experience with a Jelq fist approach and why

Thanks, I just got done reading that post. He had said that he sits down when he jelqs and stretches, and I was under the assumption that when you measure you do it standing up, so why not jelq or stretch while standing up. Is there any correlation or is it by preference?

The way you do your exercises are based on preference but the general consensus is that measuring is to be done standing.

To the original post, doing it that way is not time efficient. It takes a bit of time to lose the erection for stretching and then getting it back for jelqs. Not saying it is bad or wrong, but if you are pressed for time or stealth PEing, it is not the best option.

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This is what was posted in Wad’s thread:

When I asked why he stretched after his “milking” (as he referred to jelqs), he said that when he tried to stretch before doing the jelqs, his unit became fatigued and he could not maintain proper inflation for jelqing for any extended period of time – so he jelqed first. He also explained that the combination of the hot wraps & jelqing really warmed up the tissues prior to stretching them.

It sounds to me like his reason for doing Jelq before stretch was a personal one. I actually encounter the opposite problem - if I Jelq first then I am too hard to stretch.

My guess is that in the end it is a personal decision based on how your body reacts to the exercises.

But I must thank androNYC for posting the link to that thread. I had not read it before and found it very informative.


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It’s suposed that you have to stretch flaccid, after the jelqs you are not flaccid, there is a certain plumpness on the unit :)

I stretch, then jelq

I’ve been wondering about this recently, I’d be interested to see your results/conclusions at the end of it chatkinski.

you can also do a split routine or held a couple of hours between jelqing and stretching. When I do that, it’s easier for me to keep my unit flaccid when stretching and it’s more elastic, so I do jelqing first, later stretching

I do notice after the first set of jelqs that I’m a little engorged during the first 2 sets of stretching, but after that it becomes completely flaccid.

GreenLights I will try and post back with my findings in about a month.

Many members feel that it is important to keep in an “extended” state after workouts. This is often why people use ADS systems, extenders, stay wrapped after hanging, wear cock rings, etc. The idea behind it being to stay in somewhat of an extended state, either longer or thicker than your usual flaccid. Whether this works or not is another topic, but stretching after jelqing would produce the opposite effect in most people. So, if you want to maximize your post workout size, possibly healing in this larger state, than you would probably opt to do expansion type exercises last. Good luck.

Yeah I agree about the “extended” state, it just seems that if you stretch,jelq,stretch etc.. That you are pushing blood thru and then stretching it further to be able to push more blood thru. Hopefully my theory works.

That’s funny, I always stretch first, then jelq, then stretch again. I was under the assumption that was the way to go. It is harder to stretch after you jelq, but generally I can calm down enough to get some good stretching in afterward.

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