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Stretching before or after jelqing

Stretching before or after jelqing

Hi guys I’m new to this as well I am wondering if we should stretch after jelquing or before jelquing?

I believe it’s entirely up to you which you do first. I do Jelging before stretching primarily because of keeping a 50% to 60% erection is easier for me to maintain, compaired to if I would stretch first. Try either way and see which works best for you.

Some seem to also have better results Jelqing first. I do switch every so often (stretch first) just so I’m not throwing the same work out at my dick all the time, I then have to start out flaccid and work my erection up after it’s sort of fatigued already from stretching.

I prefer jelqing first, because stretching usually tires my unit so that a good jelq session becomes harder.

I jelq, warm-down and hop in the shower. After I`m dried up, I stretch before putting on my clothes.

I alternate my routine; sometimes jelq first, sometimes stretch first, sometimes stretch without jelqing.

start 1/20/08: 6.0 nbpel, 5.5 eg, 4 fl, 5 fg

now 6/30/12: 6.75 nbpel, 5.875 eg, 5.0 fl, 5.125 fg

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