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Stretching Before Clamping

Stretching Before Clamping

A few weeks ago I had a spurt of growth in girth due to clamping. Since then I’ve been trying to figure out which variables were responsible for the growth since I’m a very hard gainer when it comes to girth. One of the things that I’m thinking it might be is that I did some ADS (for no more than an hour or two) before clamping during the week. Ordinarily I would think these two wouldn’t be related but I’m running out of variables. I think it’s very possible that stretching before clamping could have loosened or softened the tunica to allow for better lateral expansion during my clamping sessions. For any of those that have experience with this, I would be interested to hear it.

Good observation.

I have been playing with a new theory and a new type of routine that, I can happily report, seems to be working very well! I have been stuck at 7.25 BPEL and 5.5 EG for nearly six months, and am finally making some solid, tangible gains. I have not measured yet - I am waiting for a while so that I can do a full write to share with everyone.

Anyway, part of the theory is this:

The tunica is composed of several layers that are structured so that some construct the penis length wise and some girth wise. I have found that I get better expansion if I loosened up the layer of tunica that dictates length with manual stretches before I do girth. This could strike you as intuitive or counter intuitive. You could look at it like: if you focus girth you will get girth, but if you add length then it will impede your girth growth. Or, you could look at it like this: if you loosen the length tunica your girth tunica will get more expansion because it does not have to struggle as hard against your length tunica.

I am experimenting with the latter.

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