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Stretching balls not working

Stretching balls not working

I have read everywhere that stretching the scrotum will make my balls hang lower but I have been doing this a lot with no change. Should I pull gently for a long time or hard for a shorter amount of time- the first seems to give a better after stretch hang, just a little bit. Or should I grip both of them and pull straight down like I read somewhere? Should I tug or apply uniform pressure? I would think this is a little dangerous but isn’t that how ball stretchers work?

Any help would be great guys.

It´s so simple to wrap around your scrotum a piece of elastic bandage, so as to separate the more you can your balls from your body, thus stretching the scrotum skin. I´t kind of a mess to do it, because the penis is all the time interfering in this operation. Wearing this is kind of unconfortable too, but it´s quick and effective to stretch the scrotum and have the testicles hanging lower. I used a piece of those elastic bandages that are used when one has problems with bone fractures. They are cheap, sold in drug stores, 3” wide. Good luck. Pm me if you have questions.

Make an OK grip at the place where the scrotum and balls meet. Then gently stretch downwards until you get resistance. Then gently keep the stretch. Be careful, it goes so quick that your sack will be to big before you know it :) .

Perca, yeah I tried this before but I’ll probably give it another go. Bird 2- how long should I hold the stretch for? THanks guys.

I think that you need to stretch the scrotum first, I would try pumping for a while. I started out with a two stage cylinder half filled with warm water, as warm as is comfortable, 20 to 30 minutes at 4 - 5” hg. I then went on to split collar weights, wear 3.1/5” - 3 lb. All day. 6.1/5” - 4lb + for evenings.

I still pump now and again, with the two stage and also a 2.75” x 12” for length. Have recently started to hang a 10lb weight for an hour each day.

Nice to find some ball stretchers here.


Originally Posted by beenie169
Perca, yeah I tried this before but I’ll probably give it another go. Bird 2- how long should I hold the stretch for? THanks guys.

A minute or so. Repeat 2-3 times.

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