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Stretching and Thickness

Stretching and Thickness

So my routine now usually consists of 5 minutes warm towel, 10 min stretch, 10-15 min jelq, 50 kegels, and 5 minutes warm towel. I’ve been trying to do it Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, with Thursday, Friday, Saturday off. I decided to do it this way because I get semi-sore after and I don’t want to be sore over the weekend when I plan to have sex.

My question relates to manual stretching and it’s effects on thickness. One school of thought would tell me, if I lengthen, I must by default be making it longer and thinner. The other school of thought would say that by stretching the tunica and expanding it’s capacity to hold more blood, I would also increase thickness. Which is the case? Do the tunica stretches add more to thickness and the downward ligament stretches to length?


IMO, manual stretching will not reduce girth significantly. Even if it does supplement your workout wiith jelqs so any reduction would not occur.

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At some point stretching increases the number of cells in a given area and thus increasing the thickness along with length. As aom91 stated the jelqs will help keep reduction from occurring, if any at all.

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