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Stretching and other questions

Stretching and other questions

I have been PEing for about a month and a half now, roughly. I have been doing the same stretches for a while and havent noticed even the slightest gains. (I want to gain length before girth). I have read bibs lot theory. Does his theory mean I should be stretching in the direction based on my LOT? I don’t really understand it all too much. I can feel lig stretch when I stretch down but not too much when stretching up or to the sides. There is still some stretch though. It’s hard to tell if I’m doing this right. I do use an aid, baby powder. Also, recently I have been experiencing bruising at the very tip of the doesnt hurt it’s just really ugly.

Is there ANY advice anyone can give me to help me get the gains I want?

And can anyone give me a dumb downed version of the lot theory?

Much appreciated,


Here’s my standard reply: Bib's LOT theory was for hangers, men who hang weights from their penises. It attempted to predict which direction of hanging would be more beneficial based on an erroneous assumption about penile anatomy. It was tested extensively and shown not to be predictive of anything. Besides, it was for hangers.

The LOT theory can safely be ignored by all new members. It won't help you get gains with jelqing or stretching or even with hanging.

Bruising probably indicates you’re trying too hard. Are you jelqing as well? Following the Newbie Routine? That seems to work best for those new to PE.

Yes, I am jelqing and following the newbie routine. I stretch more than I jelq, though. Trying to get more length before I go for girth


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