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stretching and jelqing risks

stretching and jelqing risks

I tried a stretching excersize and jelqing for one night 20 mins. each. The day after i was getting intimate with my girlfriend and noticed that i couldn’t hold a strong erection for more than a minute. This really worried me and i was wondering if i damaged any thing in my penis. Could i have damaged anything and if i had is it permanent? What can i do to assure that i did not damage anything and how can i fix it?

If that was your very first time exercising, then you over did it. If you read about starting out in the newbie forum, it will give you guidance on starting routines.

Whatever you may have done, should heal within a day to a week depending on how aggressive you got. It is doubtful you did any lasting damage and you probably just gave it the shock treatment more then anything else. It will heal on its own. You don’t have to do anything.

Do some reading and learn how to do it right and start off slowly next time to condition your cock to the exercises.


Don’t worry, I had the same thing. At first, easy to overdo it. Take some time off, start back easier. It bounces right back.

With time, as the various tissues of your penis strengthen, you will be able to use greater forces safely.

At first, I too lost some of my erectile hardness…not good. But after laying off,it would come back,and be even better.

It may take a while to find the right amount for yourself, but it is worth it. Start with less rather than more and build up.

I will say, that lately I am harder for longer than I can remember, almost scaring my wife! It is almost like cialis or something!

Set your mind for at least a year of pretty steady PE, make each time at least pleasant…it saves you from drifting into the extreme areas where you can get in trouble. Think stimulating growth or easy stretching of the tissues rather than thinking about breaking down and rebuilding.

That will put you in the right mind set to start off in, and keep you from getting frustrated or extreme.

In time you will see what you react best to, and hopefully get you there in a safe manor.


ford, I doubt you did any damage to you dick. I bet it’s just shocked, as gprent101 mentioned. Take a week off, and start with only jelqs on one day and take a day off (one day on, one day off) and start the stretches a few weeks after that. good luck with your gains.

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Thanks for the comments guys i really needed it. So the best thing for me is to just let it heal back and not even try massaging it or anything. I also noticed that my groin is a lttle soar i guess i stretched it out when i was doing my strechting exercises. But anyhow thanks for everyones comments and i will be sure to take it easy next time i decide to excersize it.

I had something similar happen to me, but it was on week 2, not day 1. It scared me, too, and I took 10 days off. I didn’t need that much time to heal, but I did need that much time to get my PE confidence back. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Twenty minutes for Day 1 is way too much, in my opinion.


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