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Stretching and girth and glossary

Stretching and girth and glossary

Just a couple of newbie questions:
1) Does stretching increase length at the cost of girth? I have a long thin penis, and so would like to gain girth more than length, although saying that a bit more length is never bad thing, as long as it is not at the cost of girth. Should I just do jelqing to see girth gains and slight length gains?
2) What is with all the acronyms?
I) EQ = erection quality
Ii) EL = erect length
Iii) EG = erect girth
Iv) BPEL = ??
Am I right in my assumptions, and what the hell does BP stand for? Bone press?

Sorry if I am re-asking what has already been asked, I did search but couldn’t find suitable answers

BPEL = Bone Pressed Erect Length.

This is measured from pubic bone to tip, press the ruler tight against the pubic bone.

Yay, that’s correct.

Little hint on the side: whenever you see a dotted line beneath an abbreviation here on the boards (like in BPEL), you only need to let your mouse pointer hover above it and a small text field will appear right next to it with the spelled-out word(s). ;)

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Thanks dnob, thanks Sir Wally.

I wondered what the grey lines meant, thought they were links but couldn’t click on them.

Also Sir Wally, when you say “yay, that is correct”, do you mean that my assertion to increase in length at the cost of girth is correct as well as those to the acronyms?

Ah, sorry, I did somehow manage to overread your first question.

The “Yay, that’s correct” was referring to dnob's explanation of the acronyms.

“Length at the cost of girth”, that sounds a bit unspecific to me. Let’s break it down a bit.

Usually, it would be wise to do length work first and then add to girth. That’s because manual girth exercises like jelqing tend to stretch the shaft- and foreskin out which complicates length exercises afterwards (getting a good, tight grip can be really tough, for example. I’m speaking from experience here).

But in order to decide for yourself what would make more sense you need to
a) do the Newbie Routine for three months and then measure in order to see if you have gained and how much and
b) decide after these three initial months of PE what your goals are.

E.g. if you find that you’re completely satisfied with your length, it would be natural to just go for further girth gains. If, on the other hand, you find that the newbie routine has given you good overall length and girth gains and that you like the proportions, you could just continue with it. All this depends on where you are, where you will be and what you want to achieve.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

That’s just fabulous Sir Wally, thanks for taking the time to reply to such a generic noob question :)

I think stretching won’t cost or lose girth, but sometimes people report that gaining girth can cost (a little) length. Like half an inch or less for some people. This is a trade off some people are happy with because girth is harder to gain so people will take what they can get.

And yeah it’s said that it’s good to concentrate on length first as it’s easier to gain. Girth work requires more intense exercises which can cause a conditioned penis, which can resist the exercises.. slowing down or stopping gains. Which then requires a deconditioning break so that the penis becomes fresh again. Length exercises have less chances of causing conditioned penis. This is also why people talk about the “less is more” theory, and get as much gains as you can with minimal amount of exercises, so that you can gain for longer period of time. Back to the length vs girth, the idea is you get your length gains as much as you can, and then turn to girth work and then turn to a deconditioning break if it’s needed. I haven’t had a decon break yet, but I think it’s best to have one sooner rather then later. Having to PE for 2 hours a day in order to see the smallest amount of gain sounds like a nightmare to me. So I think I will have one when my gains are slowing, rather when they stop completely. Easier said then done though, because when you know you are gaining it’s addicting.


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