Stretching And Breathing Technique

I have read a lot about ‘relaxing into stretching’ and figured I could combine the stretch with a breathing exercise I have been doing as a calming measure. It really worked and felt like my pelvic muscles were relaxing throughout.

It was some simple diaphragmatic breathing where the diaphragm expands and not the rib cage. It’s very calming and is the way babies breathe before we develop the chest muscles.

It’s inhaling over 2-3 seconds via the nose, holding the breath for 3-5 seconds then exhaling over 2-3 seconds via the mouth. Your stomach should expand and not your chest (well minor movement) and after a minute of this your mental and physical state should be relaxed and more calm. There are a million videos on YouTube on how to breath like this.

Felt it help a lot with relaxing and not resisting the gentle stretch.

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