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Stretching All the time!

Stretching All the time!

Is it OK to stretch everyday? This has probably been put up here before, but can you please answer this? Thanks!!^_^

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Like all PE you need a couple of rest days in the week.

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I would imagine that the durations of the stretches would decrease with the increase in days that you choose to stretch. In other words, if you choose to stretch every day, stretch less of a time as you would normally stretch if you only had stretched 3-4 days a week. Hope that helps. (Its noob info so you may want to take it as a purely logical explanation).

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Basic stretching is one of the least intense exercises, so I think it would be ok do everyday if you wish.

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I don’t think anyone knows. In all the years I’ve been a member of this site, one thing that has become apparent, is that at this stage in the development of natural PE, we still know relatively little. So there are few definitive answers to questions such as the one you’ve asked. Some think rest days are important, yet at the same time there are accounts of people who strecth whenever they get a chance (numerous times throughout the day, everyday) and have had great results doing this. It seems we are all different so you’ll probably be better off with a little trial and error to see what works best for you.

If you go to a body building site, then they can give you loads of reliable advice about how to make your arms bigger, but at this stage most of what the PE community can share with you should be treated as theory. Though I think you treat anything you read concerning possible injury to your penis or potential dangers as fact!

Originally Posted by aom91
Basic stretching is one of the least intense exercises, so I think it would be ok do everyday if you wish.

For me its the most :)

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