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Stretching after jelqing seems to work better for me

Stretching after jelqing seems to work better for me

I find that even if I do a nice, long warmup using hot water or a rice sock, my member just doesn’t feel that stretchy if try to stretch before doing anything else. Moreover, it tends to get semi-erect just from my touching it, which makes it hard to stretch. So what I do now is that first I’ll stretch in various directions for about three minutes, then I’ll jelq for 10-15 minutes, and then at the end, I’ll wait about two minutes for it to go flaccid, warm up again, and then stretch for another 5 minutes. At this point, it feels really warm and elastic. Has anyone else found that stretching after jelqing, as opposed to the usually recommended order, seems to work better? And that indeed, it seems to be almost impossible to get a good stretch if you try doing it before jelqing?

I do stretch after jelqing , and it is working great for me.

I will be doing same, cause it’s more pliable for stretching after good jelqing session..

One warm-up, jelqing/other exercises session, another warm-up(down), then waiting 10 mins to get adequate flaccid state and start stretching. At that point it seems to be at most warmed and elastic, no?

Stretching feels the best for me too after jelqing. It only works the day after my rest day though because the 2nd day it becomes too sore to hold after a jelq

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I can’t get a good grip to stretch with after jelqing.

Use a square of toilet paper wrapped around the head to stretch, it makes life much easier and is less tiring on the hands because you need less of a grip.

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