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Stretching advice. when results happen

Stretching advice. when results happen

I’m wondering .. I got a stretch device with the hose tubing that straps around the head.. Problems occur if I keep it stretched in pull it too tight. I am modifying it to use a silicone sleeve. I have been using it for about two months and I am wondering when I am gonna see results to know I’m doing it right. I use a little pressure.. Not sure if I’m using enough and hoping the sleeve will be a lot easier.. I need advice on how much to stretch it out to if I plan on wearing it for quit awhile and when I might see some results.

Wear it as much as you can, don’t start on highest tension but increase it over time. Also it’s good idea to combine it with other exercises.

goin4 is right. However, let me ask: it’s a noose-style the one are you using, eryk? Do you know most of vets believe noose-styles are dangerous?

Finally, the newbie routine gives, generally speaking, faster gains than extenders.

Wish you luck.

Are you using a routine with the stretch device? I use mine after my PE session. For me, I don’t wear it too stretched out. Just enough to feel a nice comfortable stretch and I only wear mine for about 2 hours at a time. Does your flaccid hang lower?

I’m using the noose style and it sucks .. Don’t really make time to do any other exercises. The silicone sleeves I’m making will take place of my stretchers noose so that should help I hope.. Anything else I might be doing wrong

I just wanna find things I can do while I’m doing other things.. Got a lot going on and it would be so much easier that way.. Any suggestions are a super great help

You should replace the noose with a vac-cap. Give a look to this to have an idea:
The SuckMaxExtender

However, as I said, the newbie routine is generally all (and sometimes more than) you need to have gains. You can use an extender later in your PE career.

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