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Stretching 100 flacid

Stretching 100 flacid

I have for 2 months only done jelqing exercises, and the sit-down stretch.
Seen absolutely no gains, well now with some advanced ferrari pumps, I see my blood veins increase a bit..

Anyway, I started doing the power-stretches today, or long-schlongs.
I will keep doing them til I see gains this time, though I have som questions:

- Must you do them when you are absolutely flacid, I mean with no xtra blood in the penis?
It is very thin when mine is, but when it’s 10-15%, it looks nicer and get the feeling of “feeling the strech” even more. What say you? :)

- Will the longer penis make girth smaller? I do the girth routines simultaneously, although I have not seen any gains from that area yet.

1 completely flaccid is ideal but staying below 20% erection is acceptable.

2 No, you will keep your girth measurement. Only the same girth will look somewhat smaller on a longer cock.

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