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Stretches at 9 o'clock

Stretches at 9 o'clock

Hi. I’ve been for 2 weeks, and still experimenting with which angle to stretch at. I’ve tried stretching upwards (which according to my LOT is what I should be doing), but find it hard to get a grip on my penis in that way so I decided to stick with stretching downwards. However I don’t feel anything as I do this, but when I tried stretching at exactly 9 o’clock I can feel (what I imagine to be ) my ligaments being pulled inside the middle of my penis.

Does anyone here stretch at 9 o’clock and would you reccomend a newbie to do it? What gains have you got in this way? I havent seen any examples of any stretches at this angle on this site yet, so I get the feeling that there’s some reason that you shouldnt do it, or maybe it’s the least effective way to stretch.

Wow, that’s quite a screen name, sparky. As far as you finding “where” to pull (in accordance with clock designations). When you pull at nine o’clock and feel the middle of the penis stretching it is more likely the tunica and not the ligs. The ligs run on the top as well as “cradling” underneath. Try reading this thread on Illustrations and Diagrams, it may help you understand a bit more. Also you may want to check out Bib’s LOT theory, and the Newbie Thread. Do alot of reading. That is the best way to learn. If you can’t find it, use the search button at the top right of the thread, if you still can’t find it use the ADVANCED search (same button), and then if you still can’t find it then ask. There are people willing and eager to help in any way possible.

As far as an answer to your question. Stretching at 9 o’clock is fine for a newbie. Just make sure, as with everything done to your unit, you take it easy. PE should be enjoyable not painful (I really need to put that in my signature).

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Good reply ynarevith.



hereby I “grant” you my position of great welcome posts (compared to mine yours are even very clueful). ;)

Good luck and have fun.

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Welcome to the forum sparky,

I pull anywhere from 8 to 12 O’clock, but I think the majority of my pulling is done around 9-ish. I haven’t measured any gains this way, but I’ve only been doing it for a month or two. I don’t see any problem with it. I keep my stretch pulled atleast 20 minutes and try to hit any angle I’m comfortable with within that time. Remember to get used to it for a few months before pulling any harder. Good luck with that.

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Thank you, ys. I accept this great honor with muy muy humility and….well, you get the point.

Sparky, what is routine like? How long? What exercises?


Thanks for the replies! I’ve read the newbie thread and LOT theory, but I hadn’t come across that diagram thread, that was very useful. I’m doing the newbie routine minus the kegels - I hot wrap, stretch then jelq downwards at about 40% erection, then hot wrap again. I started off doing 10x30second stretches and 10minutes of jelqing in the first week, and this week Im doing 13 stretches and 13 minutes of jelqing and Im gonna carry on like that, increasing the routine every week until its 20 stretches and 30 mins jelqing.

I will stretch at 9 o’clock from now onwards, as I feel more as if it’s actually working if I can feel something which gives me more incentive to continue with p.e.

Good show, Sparky. Looks like you have a handle on things. Word of warning, don’t increase too quickly. I think the pace you are planning for is good, but it is easy to see gains and get too ambitious and increase times of routine too much. Slow and steady. The tortoise was a really smart turtle.


Whats the best way to grip your shaft without hurting the glands?

Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice

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I would suggest using a reverse OK grip that stops about one inch below the glans.

Try to distribute the pressure needed for holding evenly (well except for the glans which is kinda sensitive and results in shrinkage if pressed too much).

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