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Stretcher device

Stretcher device

I bought this stretcher device off ebay it has like a silicon tubing at the end to go around your head and it’s attached to a plastic peice with a bungee cord on it and your suppose to attach it do the bottom of your knee cap, like you put some rope around your leg so it can hold on to it, and it constantly stretches your penis. Not sure but do you guys think this would work, it’s really comfortable to wear and I can wear it anywere, just want to know if you guys think it’s a waste of time to wear it?


What is the name of the stretcher? It’s probably been mentioned on the forum before and might come up on a search. It’s an ADS (all day stretcher), and many people have had success with them. I say wear it and stick with your regular routine. What are you doing now?

Oh don't know

Oh I havee no clue what name it had came as in discreet box and stuff and my ebay doesnt show how I bought for some reason but yes I think it is a ADS, and I really don’t have a standard routine. I usually wear it during the day so I can find out when it’s hurting and need to give it a break. I tried wearing it at night but I kept waking up. But if you guys can help me with a routine and how long I should wear it that would be awesome?

What is your PE experience so far? If it’s been awhile, I would start up on the newbie routine again.

I take zinc I wear the stretcher for as long as I can until it starts to bother me and then I take it off during the night. My erection length is alreay a little over 8 inches and I’m just trying to go the extra mile, I mean it seems like this thing should work. My past expirence from PE was taking a bunch of supplements because I was clueless about PE I took Saw palemetto and all those things. I use to jelq from time to time and l constantly stretch my penis. I guess I really didnt have a routine I use to do. 2 things I would do tho constantly since I was 13 I would say was pray and take zinc and maybe I couple other supplements.

Oh and how long do you think I should wear the stretcher hourly wise?

Wear it as long as you want, just make sure you are only getting some discomfort and not pain. Pain is bad. I’m not sure there is a set time you shoot for, I think you’ve got the right idea now.

I say start the newbie routine and wear the stretcher after you jelq, you would be suprised what manual exercises can do. The idea behind an ADS is that you want to stay in an extended state after a

workout so that your dick can “repair” itself in that extended state. But seriously think about doing the newbie routine religiously, many people have seen fantastic gain just from that.

Wow thank you apreciate your help

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