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Stretched Length vs. Erect Length


Guys !! :P I read this Post and it’s very good :P . At first time I start PE it was 2 weeks ago and I start with an extender. After 1 hour per day with that, 2 days on , 1 off .After that I put another 1” piece to extender. My EL did not grows but I think I can stretch harder. My stretched length is my goal, 0.8” more than erect lenght. So let’s hope I can take that goal soon.

My stretched length is now longer than my erect length. So I expect that erection will catch up, I had shrunk a bit. So stretched length is up to the BPEL in the signature, past my naval. Hope! Hope! Hope!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Wow! You’re all got me pretty excited now.

My BPEL is 7.0 but when I stretch the fella he’s 8.25 bone pressed! My better half will be pleased.

I have the same issue. I believe it is because I have an upper curve. This is why my flaccid stretch is longer than my erect length. And many times I get very hard erections and I feel that my girth shrinks a bit on these occasions.


I have the same problem I lose a little girth when fully erect, and I also have a slight curve which I think is why my stretch is longer than my erect length.


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