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Stretch while you kegel

Stretch while you kegel

I can’t understand one part.I spent about a month reading THUNDER’S PLACE FOR THE ANSWER BUT I Can’t FIND IT.the question is when you do the manual stretch are you supposed to kegel?Examples down stretch up and down stretch for a newbie like me should I kegel wile I stretch the penis down left right and up?

Kegeling while stretching gives you a better pull in my opinion, hence a better stretch. I guess it won’t hurt.

Kegels are not an essential part of manual stretching.

Got a question,do you always have to warm wrap up first only if your just going to stretch your penis? Manual newbie stretches that is

i believe the general consensus is that heat makes ligs more pliable, so yes it would be adviseable to warm wrap.

You are going to have a better workout if you warm wrap beforehand, every time. From my experience, you will be wasting time if you skip the warm wrap. Injury is more likely to occur if you skip the warm wrap (your penis will shrink instead of grow).

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I kegal while stretching to get a good tug like absolute_zer0 said. Shouldn’t hurt to try it for yourself.

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