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stretch vs erect

stretch vs erect

Why can’t I stretch more than my erect size? Isn’t it supposed to be longuer?

I am mostly looking for length. I am trying to find out if this affirmation is true: if my stretch’s length becomes longuer than my erect length, than the erect length might become as big as the stretch length.

What do you think?

There is probably some correlation between gains in flaccid length and erect gains. Although I don’t keep much of a record of flaccid stretch, it has become longer than what I remember and so has my erect length. It’s possible that flaccid stretch gains signal upcoming erect gains.

Start (6/23/04): 7.25 BPEL X 4.75 EG As of (7/12/05): 8.00" BPEL X 5.00" EG Midshaft (5.25 base) Short Term Goal: 8.0 BPEL X 5.25 EG Midshaft Long Term Goal : 8.5 BPEL X 6.0 EG

After a while, you´ll learn about erect stretching.

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