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Stretch the Balls

Stretch the Balls

Anybody here into stretching the scrotal skin to increase the hang of your balls. I found that the lower your balls hang, the better your penis hangs, and it also makes the whole package look a lot better. Also good for checking for any suspect lumps in the testicles.

Yeah techie, I stretch the ‘ol nutsack. More for trying to keep ahead of any turkey-necking than anything else. About half of my upper-angle streches are combined with stretching the scrotum in the opposite direction. Also wrapping the whole package with a TheraP wrist wrap seems to help as well.

"It's ALL in your head. You just have no idea how big your head is." - Lon Milo DuQuette "The mind's role in P.E. is more important than the hand that touches the penis." - Mr. Nine Just ignore the crazy old man in his tinfoil-lined pyramid hat, smelling of EVO and muttering Ohhmmm my penis growwwws. He's not always to be taken literally.

There’s a nasty little tendon/ligament that runs from the base of the scrotum (way back at your PC) up into you caversa cavernum (hope I didn’t mangle the latin too badly). It is known to pull your scrotum WAY up your shaft on erection (Hence the tight ball issue). Steady manual stetching of the area where the scrotum joins the shaft has got to help PE.


I’m not talking about tugging at the balls, that would cause severe damage and pain. What I do is after a PE session, during the cool-down, or warm-down, whatever you want to call it, I apply lotion to the penis and balls. While doing this I massage the penis and slowly massage the skin of my balls until it is soft and supple and the slowly stretch the skin out and to the side for about 5 minutes until the balls hang nice and loose. I find the lower your balls hang, the lower your cock hangs. Remember the testicles are very delicate so take it easy.

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