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Stretch Technique

Stretch Technique

Hi Guys, im fairly new to PE, but ive been working on my stretching and i came up with this idea, i think its maybe been done but ill share it anyways.

Do a manual stretch by gripping the gland and pulling out as far as you can go, now take the thumb of the other hand and run it over the top of the shaft where you can feel the tension in the lig, and ppush down creating a greater strech. After this i really felt the lig ache.

Also does anyone know the best way to improve girth at the end of the penis, ive been doing horse squeezes and ulis, is this a good method to improve im just about 5.5” in the middle shaft but about 4” at the end, i would like a fiarly even shaft, i would really like to get 6”+ shaft is this an unreasable goal.


That sounds like a v-stretch.

The ligs don’t run down the penis they connect between the base of the penis and the pubic bone area.

Consider looking at the ULI#3 (in the PE FAQ) and Sadsak Head Exercise for girth toward the end of the shaft..

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Welcome Riviera,

You are doing what’s called a V-stretch. Glad to read that you’re getting a good workout from it.

As far as evening out your shaft girthwise, you may want to try dryjelqing with an ok grip starting midshaft and slowly and intensely jelq upwards to right below the glans.

Good luck,


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