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Stretch or Kegel everyday

Stretch or Kegel everyday

Basically, this is a variation on the old “importance of rest days” thread that pops up all through the archives.

I’ve been PEing for about a month. So far I’ve gained about 5/8” of an inch in length and maybe a little girth (haven’t measured and I don’t really care too much— I don’t want more than 1” of new girth). My routine is basically about 5-10 minutes warmup with a heating pad, 20 minutes stretching (manual stretching, “rotating” stretches, and BTC), 20 minutes jelqing, and 10-15 minutes warm down while kegeling.

For my first week all I did was warm up, stretch, then warm down. Then I did of 2 on 1 off, and now I’ve got to 5-6 days on and 1-2 days off. So far, PI are all pretty good.

Would it be smart to do stretches and kegels on my off days? It seems like ADS and hanging routines, from what I’ve read, discourage off days.

5/8” down, only 1 5/8” to go before I get my length goal! I love this site!

Originally Posted by bigpain1980
Would it be smart to do stretches and kegels on my off days? It seems like ADS and hanging routines, from what I’ve read, discourage off days.

Well, no.

It’s not that it’s not smart, it’s that it’s not really a day off is it? It’s just alternating between your normal routine and a reduced routine.

As far as whether or not it would be effective versus counter-productive that’s an open question. The standard recommendation is that one follow the newbie routine for a solid three months and then see about modifying it. You are free to do whatever you want (including damage) to your dick.

Hanging and ADS-ing type routines do discourage alternating days on and days off, but that’s because it’s a specific approach that has been found to be effective (especially with regard to hanging and then managing recoil).

With regard to the stretching/jelqing/kegeling routine, it is generally recommended that one have a day off here and there - particularly if one is new to PE. One thing you can most certainly do is 50 Kegels a day, irrespective of ‘days off’. Just to clarify, I’m talking about performing 50 Kegels with a flaccid. That has typically been found to improve erection quality across the board.

I’d say keep to the routine you have for now - especially as it seems to be working for you! No need to fuck up a good thing, is there?

Maybe add some rogue Kegels on your days off and then see where you are in a couple of months.

In the meantime: jelq my boy. Jelq like the wind. :)

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