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Stretch of jelq first - matters?

Stretch of jelq first - matters?

Just one quicky…
Do you recommend doing the jelqing exercise before the strething, or vice versa?

Here’s my routine now, with the jelqs first:

1. two handed jelq 15min (two handed keeps me from getting hard)

2. 3 Ferrari Pumps (semi erect bend down, right, down)

3. Power-stretch 5 directions - 30seconds/dir. 3sets

4. 2-way stretch 2x3minutes

PS. What do you think of the routine? I have warm up/warm down as well…

I have done PE since april, but now I’m doing it consistently - 8 weeks until now.
Am yet to see my first gains…

I personally think that you might need to ease in a little more, you’re still relatively new. I also don’t think it matters which one you do first, hell, I think some people do their jelqs/stretches at one point during the day, and then the other one they haven’t done at another time.

I miss this place.

Old stats: not sure but not much smaller

Currently: BPEL: 7.5 EG: 5 Goal: The holy grail of course. (8x6)

How do you mean “ease in”, do less exercises? I have cut down from about 70min to this, takes about 40min tops..

Mm, okay, so it dowsnt matter then. I saw some routine that a site recommended, it was weird.
It was
wet jelqs,
stretches (dry hands)

meaning: you should was hands, reapply lube, dry hands again… god :)

I would go back to the newbie routine, if you’ve been doing the above routine for just 8 weeks, then you’re overtraining.

As for jellqing or stretching first, I always advise stretching first, for two reasons. 1) Jelqing reinvigorates the blood flow after stretching has restricted it 2) The penis sometimes becomes senstive after jelqing, making stretching difficult.

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I wonder, If I’ve been overdoing some while, not just with this routine but also longer,..

is it possible I have made my penis “un-growable”? Even if I go back now, meaning…

I take your advice, with stretching THEN jelqing, sounds fair.

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