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stretch marks

stretch marks

has anyone gotten any on their penis from growing too fast?

I recently discovered I have stretch marks on my penis. by recently, I mean, like, 5 mins ago. They are rather small, and faint, but they are there. I don’t think PE would work fast enough to create stretch marks, but i posted before on how fast I’ve been growing.

2 days ago, I measured myself, and i was 6.6 inches x 4.6. I didn’t measure today, because I doubt i grew in 2 days. I grew an inch in 2 months, and I’m guessing thats because I’m still growing naturally. But mabye with this combined natural growth and PE, It’s growing too fast for my skin to keep up.

anyone else ever post about stretch marks?

You never thought that the marks might come from the fact that you actually are stretching your skin when doing manual stretches? I would say that I am 99.9% sure the marks originates from your exercises and NOT from the actual growing.

If you really want to know if “anyone else ever post about stretch marks?” try using the search button on the top right corner and enter “stretch marks”. But then again you won’t see all these grumpy replies :-)


Yeah you will get them I have them and extra skin. PE doesn’t make your dick pretty just bigger

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Choices, Choices. Do I want a bigger, uglier dick?

I have not started any exercises yet but I have a red line that goes from near the top of the foreskin to the bottom of the shaft on the underside of my penis. I don’t know if this is due to masturbation or if it’s a stretch mark or if if it’s a mark from the penis joining up inside the womb before your born and it leaves a mark, some worse than others but the line isn’t straight either. It kind of goes at an angle and my whole penis is a bit twisted to the left where the red line seems to go. It definitely wasn’t like this before when I was in my earlier teens. If anything the red line seems to be getting more wider unlike my dick!

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