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stretch marks

stretch marks

I’m not sure if anyone asked this before, but does anyone else have stretch marks on the base of their penis? Either way, is this normal and/or fixable?

I can try to answer part of that question. I guess like any part of the body, stretch marks are capable of appearing anywhere. I’ll leave it to the guys to answer that. As far as it being fixable, there are creams out there that can reduce the appearance of the stretch marks or get rid of them all together. Cocoa Butter has always been the recommended source for getting rid of stretch marks but there have been other things that have come out that are supposed to be just as good. Go to any local drug store and they can give you ideas of what products are good for stretch marks.

Did you recently gain any weight that is causing the skin to stretch in the first place or is this the cause of your base growing due to PE? Some people just don’t get stretch marks and others are prone to it. If your body is stubborn and is not pleased with the added growth especially after it has decided it is done growing, then it will let you know with those pretty little marks.

At any rate, I am sure guys can reassure you on this topic. In the meantime, while you figure out if this is normal or not, you could at least get something to reduce them before they get worse.

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I don’t consider jelqing related marks stretch marks. I’ve been doing a really tough regimen and I’ll tell ya, there are a few of ‘em down there. They’re very very faint though, because the skin of the penis is very thin, with an erection, they’re invisible. And actually, they only appear where the wrinkles of the penis are, which makes me think that they are a direct result of jelqing, and will go away after a good break from jelqing. I can take a picture of my “stretch marks” if you want, and you can tell me if that’s what you’re experiencing.

Also, the other variety of stretch marks can be gotten rid of just by massaging them (I think the penis is different in that regard, because it doesn’t have fatty material underneath the skin to which fibers can attach). I took some pictures of my purple stretch marks (I’m kind of fat) and I’m thinking of posting some before and after pictures, just so people can see that it is indeed possible to get rid of them. They’re actually QUITE disgusting, even grosser than my flaccid penis, but the remedy is so simple (activity and massaging). But yeah. We’ll see.

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